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Sandra Prikker

Sandra Prikker is a fitness model and a social media personality. She was born on October 30, 1989, in Netherland. By now she is 29 years old. According to her birth date, her birth sign is Scorpio.

Personal and Professional life

Sandra Prikker is one of the famous internet personality. She was born and raised in Alkamar which is a small city above Amsterdam. But she kept traveling to different places due to her work. Sandra Prikker is a Dutch girl and she belongs to the white ethnic group. Sandra Prikker is a fitness model and has maintained her body well and got a hot muscular body. She is very food conscious and ticks to her diet chart strictly. But once a week she is in a cheat diet and on weekdays she is back to the diet plan. Sandra Picker has got a height of 5’5” (165 cm) and weighs under 115llb (52.5 kg). Her bust is about is 36”, hips 36’ and waist 24”. This Dutch model has sculpted an amazing physique that shows her hard work and passion for fitness.


Sandra Prikker started her journey from a competitive kickboxer. She has an interest in dancing. She used to dance a lot and later she joined kickboxing. When she joined kickboxing for the very first time she was only 14 years old. She continued kickboxing with full dedication as she loved the energized feeling that kickboxing used to give her. But unfortunately, she had to face an accident. That accident her derailed her kickboxing career. After this accident, she could not get a punch on her face so she had to give her kickboxing career which had done for 10 long years. She began to miss the energized feeling that kickboxing used to give her. She knew that she had to find another way to keep her busy. After some gap, she found her another passion which was fitness. In 2013, she joined the gym centre. Due to her limited knowledge about fitness she could not get what she wanted even after giving her 100% dedication and hard work. Then later she hired a personal trainer and with the help of a trainer and her hard training and her strict diet plan she had great progress.  After a few years of intense training, she had a hot muscular body. In 2016 she began to post her pictures on Instagram. Later she began to post her fitness tips videos with photos on Instagram which people began to like a lot and followed her. Soon she became a famous Instagram sensation as a fitness model. She also started her own YouTube channel where she talks about exercises and diet to remain fit and shares her videos of her exercises. She was also sponsored as a personal trainer by Shredz Athlete. She also started designing clothes for body engineers. She has become a role model for youngsters for her fitness tips and ideas.


Family, Parents

Sandra Picker has never disclosed about her family members in any of her social sites nor any sources have revealed about it.

Relationships, Affairs

Sandra Prikker was in the relationship with a bodybuilder Tavi Castro.  They even revealed their relationship in social media sites. Their love and bonding were reflected in the pictures posted the Instagram. After some years of togetherness, it came to end. The exact date was unknown but it seems that by the end of March 2016 the couple was separated. By some sources, it is said that the reason behind to break up was that Castro was distressing Sandra for a long time and some other sources revealed that the reason behind the breakup was some kind of misunderstanding. Tavi Castro has not accepted or rejected the accuse.  Nowadays Sandra is sharing her time with Chad Nutsch, who is the president of Global Elite Group LLC.  They have confessed that they are in a relationship from July 2016 and it seems that they are very much enjoying each other’s company. They are being very supportive of each other. They have not yet revealed when they are going to tie the knot.

Net Worth:

Sandra Prikker’s exact income is not revealed yet but it is said that she charges the US $20,000 per shoot.

Wiki and Wikipedia:

Sandra Prikker has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram and 18.7k followers on twitter.  As she has confessed that her dream is to act, it can be assumed that she will soon be seen in the film industry.

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