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Who is Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is an American previous cutthroat swimmer. He is the best and most enriched Olympian ever with an aggregate of 28 awards. Phelps likewise holds unequaled records for Olympic gold awards, Olympic gold decorations in-individual occasions, and Olympic awards in individual occasions.

Short bio

Name: Michael Phelps

Also Known as Michael Fred Phelps II


Date of birth: 30 June 1985

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Height: 1.93m

Medals: Swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympics-Men’s 200-meter butterfly

Sports: Swimming

Early life and career

Michael Phelps is an American swimmer who holds the record for the most Olympics improvements won by any contender at all. Phelps contended in his first Olympics at 15 years old, as a feature of the U.S. men’s swimming club. He was the principal American male swimmer to acquire a spot in five Olympic groups and left a mark on the world as the most seasoned individual gold medalist in Olympic swimming history at 28 years old.

Phelps started swimming when his two more seasoned sisters, Whitney (conceived 1978) and Hilary (conceived 1980), joined a neighborhood swimming club. Whitney went for the U.S. Olympic group in 1996, however, wounds wrecked her profession. At age seven, Phelps was still “somewhat terrified” to put his head submerged, so his educators permitted him to drift around on his back. As anyone might expect, the principal stroke he dominated was the backstroke.

After he saw swimmers Tom Malchow and Tom Dolan contend at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Phelps started to fantasy about turning into a hero. He dispatched his swimming profession at the Loyola High School pool. He met his mentor, Bob Bowman when he began preparing at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club at the Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center. The mentor quickly perceived Phelps’ gifts and wild feelings of the contest and started an extreme preparing system together. By 1999, Phelps had made the U.S. Public B Team.

Family life

Michael Fred Phelps was brought into the world on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore, Maryland. The most youthful of three kids, Phelps experienced childhood in the neighborhood of Rodgers Forge. His dad, Fred, an inside and out competitor, was a state trooper and his mom, Debbie, was a center school head. At the point when Phelps’ folks separated in 1994, he and his sisters, Whitney Philps and Hilary Philps lived with their mom, with whom Phelps became exceptionally close.

Relation and affairs

Phelps wedded Nicole Johnson on June 13, 2016. In the wake of dating on and off starting around 2011, Phelps asked about tying the knot in February 2015. Two or three were hitched in a private service in Paradise Valley, Arizona, even though their wedding was kept a mystery until TMZ broke the news in October 2016.

Phelps and Johnson have three children: Boomer Robert, Beckett Richard, and Maverick Nicolas.

Net worth and salary

US swimmer Michael Phelps is the most improved Olympian to date with an aggregate of 28 decorations added to his repertoire 23 of them being gold. Starting at 2021, Celebrity Net Worth put its value at US$80 million. While the vast majority of these incomes come from supports and sponsorship bargains, he has additionally brought in cash as a creator and for his appearances on screen.


Phelps’ incredible swimming capacity is a mix of expertise, actual capacity, and difficult work. Numerous specialists say that Michael’s body was intended for swimming. He has an extremely long middle, long arms, huge feet, and short legs for his stature. His long arms and feet assist with driving him through the water and, simultaneously, his long middle and short legs assist him with coasting neatly through the water. Michael additionally has drilled and turned out for a long time to get into the sort of outrageous shape it takes to win such countless awards at a solitary Olympics. His extraordinary concentration and drive are incredible.


He is here and there called by the moniker MP or The Baltimore Bullet. At the Beijing Olympics fans considered him the Deep Sea Frog and the Half-man Half-fish. His colleagues called him “Gomer”. Michael eats around 12,000 calories of food consistently. That is a great deal of food. He got a $1M reward from Speedo for succeeding somewhere around 7 gold decorations in a single Olympics. At 15 years, 9 months he was the most youthful male to break a world record in swimming.


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