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Who is John Milton?

John Milton is viewed as the main English author after William Shakespeare. His awe-inspiring Heaven Lost, traditional misfortune Samson Agonistes, and peaceful requiem Lycidas are generally considered the best sonnets of their sort in English.

Short bio:

Name: John Milton

Date of birth: 9 December 1608


Date of death: 8 November 1674

Age: 65 years old

Place of birth: Bread Street, Cheapside, London, England

Nationality: English

Birth sign: Sagittarius

Birth sign duality: Assertive

Occupation: Poet

Early life and career

John Milton (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674) was an English writer, polemicist, man of letters, and a government employee for the Province of Britain under Oliver Cromwell. He composed during a period of strict motion and political commotion and is most famous for his legendary sonnet Heaven Lost (1667), written in clear verse. Milton’s verse and exposition reflect profound individual feelings, energy for opportunity and self-assurance, and the dire issues and political disturbance of his day.

Writing in English, Latin, Greek, and Italian, he accomplished global eminence inside his lifetime, and his observed Areopagitica (1644) — written in the judgment of pre-distribution oversight — is among history’s most persuasive and ardent guards of free discourse and opportunity of the press. William Hayley’s 1796 memoir considered him the “best English writer,” and he remains commonly respected “as one of the transcendent scholars in the English language,” however basic gathering has wavered in the hundreds of years since his demise (frequently because of his republicanism). Samuel Johnson commended Heaven Lost as “a sonnet which… about configuration might guarantee the primary spot, and as for execution, the second, among the creations of the human psyche,” however he (a Conservative and beneficiary of illustrious support) portrayed Milton’s governmental issues as those of a “sharp and sullen republican”. Because of his republicanism, Milton has been the subject of hundreds of years of English partisanship.

Family life

At the hour of Milton’s introduction to the world, his dad, John Milton (a composer and scrivener) was 46, and his mother, Sara Jeffrey was 36. He had one more seasoned sister Anne; her date of birth is obscure. Milton had three more youthful kin: Christopher, purified through water on 3 December 1615; Sara, immersed on 15 July 1612 and kicked the bucket on 6 August 1612; and Tabitha, absolved on 30 January 1614 and passed on 3 August

Personal life and affairs

As indicated by our records, John Milton wedded Elizabeth Mynshull, Katherine Woodcock, and Mary Powell. He wedded three times and had five kids.

Net worth and salary

John Milton is a popular writer whose total assets of John Milton were assessed to be $1.5 Million.


In Milton’s, Heaven Lost, one can track down this multitude of three things so it is thought of as epic. As per Aristotle, there are a few significant qualities of an epic. Among them tale, subject, characters, machinery, episodes, uprightness, opinion, and fabulous style are huge.


By 1652, Milton had become visually impaired, the reason for his visual deficiency is discussed yet respective retinal separation or glaucoma is the best bet. His visual deficiency constrained him to direct his refrain and composition to amanuenses who replicated them from him, one of these was Andrew Marvell.


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