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Who is Harumi Maekawa?

Harumi Maekawa is a known figure after her marriage with the WWE superstar Shinsuke Nakamura. Maekawa’s marriage with Nakamura is the main reason for her popularity. Maekawa is a 37 years old Japanese girl who was born in 1981. Nakamura is the standout personality in the WWE stage where he had already fought against megastars like John Cena, Zindar Mahal, Dolph Ziggler and many more. Maekawa as a supporting wife has always been there for her husband. Maekawa and her husband, both hold the Japanese nationality. Ever since her relationship with Nakamura, she has been counted as a public figure.

Maekawa has the pure Asian features. Her fair complexion with straight brown hair signifies her having the Asian ethnicity. She has the typical Japanese facial features with long and wider face. There have been some talks regarding her teeth. She has small teeth and it looks different ( in a good way) when she smiles. Her small teeth which make her smile adorable and cute when she grins. And no doubt she has a cute face which must be one of the reasons for Nakamura to fall for her.

Name: Harumi Maekawa


Age: 37 years (in 2018)

Date of Birth: 1981

Birthplace: Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Ethnicity: Asian

Spouse: Shinsuke Nakamura

Early Life and Career:

Apparently, the details about her birthplace and profession are still behind the curtain. Maekawa attended the Aoyama Gakuin University in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is where she met Nakamura for the first time. It seems like she does not like to get attention from media which is why she has kept herself a little far from it. We are not aware much about Maekawa’s profession. But it is pretty sure that her relation with Nakamura is one of the main reasons she is being noticed as a celebrity.

Family life:

The information regarding her parents, sibling and childhood is yet to be revealed.

Relationships and Affairs:

Maekawa’s relationship with Nakamura is the only love affair that has come in light till now. Her past relationships have not been disclosed yet. Maekawa met Nakamura during her University days. They were introduced through mutual friends. In of the interview, it was revealed that the couple started dating in either 1999 or 2000. After the graduation, Maekawa chose the field of Arts and Crafts. Whereas, Nakamura passed his entrance exam for the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo and decided to continue it. Even after the distance she stood by and cared for him during his rehabilitation from the dislocated shoulder. Her relation with Professional Japanese WWE wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura turned into marriage on 1 September, 2007 with him. Their marriage was done in a special way at Tokyo where professional wrestlers of Japan were also invited. Since then the married life is going pretty well. In reference to some websites and social sites, the pair is living near Orlando, Florida, The United States of America and is very close to WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. The couple is still a family of two. No any pictures or news of baby has been flashed which means they are childless as of now. In the same manner, the couple has not shared any kind of pictures on social sites to confirm the pregnancy too.

Body Measurement (Height and Weight):

The specific information of her height and weight is yet to be revealed. It appears like the Maekawa has the normal height for a Japanese girl.

Net worth and Salary:

There is no any verified data about the net worth of Harumi Maekawa. Her profession is still unknown. But she was once offered a work from WWE in 2007 which she turned down. However, her husband Nakamura’s net worth has found to be $3.5 million dollars which is mostly earned through his wrestling career.


Her profile on Wikipedia is yet to be made. It can be said that due to cultural influence Nakamura has kept the information of his wife very secret from the public domain. In his Social Sites also he has not uploaded that much pictures of his wife. Due to lack of information only a few web pages have been succeeding to write her bio.

Social Media Accounts:

Maekawa is no so active in social sites. So we have not been able to find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Therefore, you can follow Shinsuke instead so that you will be able to be updated about Maekawa too.  Nakamura’s Instagram profile can be accessed @shinsukenakamura. He is followed by 750K followers on Instagram. His twitter account is @shinsuken.

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