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Who is Adolph Zukor?

Adolph Zukor was a Hungarian-American filmmaker most popular as one of the three organizers of Paramount Pictures. He created one of America’s first full-length films, The Prisoner of Zenda, in 1913.

Short Bio

Name: Adolph Zukor

Date of birth: 7 January 1873


Day of birth: Sunday

Birthplace: Rice

Birth sign duality: Passive

Birth sign modality and element: Cardinal earth

Opposite sign: Cancer

Date of death: 10 June 1976 (age 103)

Death place: Los Angeles

Nationality: Austria-Hungary, United States of America

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Occupation: Film director and film producer

Academy: Academy Honorary Award

Awards: 1949 Lifetime Achievement

Early life and career

Adolph Zukor (January 7, 1873 – June 10, 1976) was a spearheading film magnate and originator of Paramount Pictures. Zukor was an imperative figure in the improvement of the astounding studio structure that ran Hollywood from the last piece of the 1920s through the 1960s.

He was popular as the “father of the component film in America.” From running penny arcades to making Paramount Pictures Corporation, Zukor influenced the progression of each piece of the diversion world. One of the absolute first studio magnates, Zukor understood that the three components of the film business—creation, circulation, and display—were monetarily reliant upon one another, and could be expanded by entrepreneurial consolidations.

In 1903, he became engaged with the entertainment world when his cousin, Max Goldstein, moved toward him for an advance to put resources into a chain of theaters. These auditoriums were begun by Mitchell Mark in Buffalo, New York, and facilitated Edisonia Hall. Mark required financial backers to grow his chain of theaters. Zukor gave Goldstein the credit and shaped an association with Mark and Morris Kohn, a companion of Zukor’s who additionally put resources into the theaters. Zukor, Mark, and Kohn opened a penny arcade filling in as The Automatic Vaudeville Company on fourteenth Street in New York City.

Family life

Adolph Zukor was brought into the world in the provincial town of Rice, Hungary. His guardians ran a little store and developed yields. Zukor didn’t recollect his dad, who passed on when the kid was one year old, and his sibling Arthur was three. Their mom was the little girl of a rabbi. She remarried yet kicked the bucket when Zukor was eight. The two siblings went to live with an uncle.

Relation and affairs

Adolf Zukor got hitched with Lottie Kaufman at the age of 24 after he started acquiring benefits from the hide business. His better half died in 1956. The couple had two cute children named Eugene Zukor and Mildred Zukor.

Net worth

Adolph Zukor’s total assets or overall gain is assessed to be between $1 Million – 5 Million dollars. He has made such measure of abundance from his essential profession as a Film Producer.


Adolph Zukor was one of the primary individuals to create enormous gains in the film business. He understood that the three components of the film business – creation, circulation, and show – were monetarily reliant upon one another, and could be expanded by pioneering consolidations. Zukor’s goal would move him to the drive of one of Hollywood’s most great associations, Paramount Pictures.


Paramount Pictures sold the candles on Zukor’s 100th birthday celebration cake for $1,000 each and afterward gave the returns to a good cause. He was granted a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1617 Vine Street in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.







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